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E13 - Exterior Doors

Made to Order

*Glass are included due to the special glazing bead profile.

*Supplied unfinished and without door furniture. Sizes can be custom-made up to 2400H x 1200W contact us for more details.

*Kauri is not available on all timber doors until further notice. Please select other timber options alternatively.

*Picture is indicate to a Paint Quality Cedar look only.

Exterior doors should be in a sheltered position and not be subjected to the unprotected exposure of direct sunlight and/or rain and other prevailing weather conditions and wet areas.

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E13 - Parkwood Doors

All timber has natural variations in colour and grain patterns. This is a natural outcome of this product and is not considered a defect.

Premium Profile Exterior Doors - Parkwood Doors

Slightly heavier components, a simple double-sided, angle edged frame profile and solid-look panelling with unique panel profiles complete the Martondale range. Reflecting its European heritage the Martondale is available in paint quality and Cedar.

Door Product:

Supplied unfinished and without door furniture.

Due to the special bead profile, we only supply with Glass in it.

Solid Timber Door Warranty

The Parkwood range of Solid Timber doors are designed for use in weather protect situations.  Timber is a beautiful natural product, and creates a solid, attractive entry door.  However, it will not last if it is exposed to the elements without adequate protection.  In basic terms, this means the door must:

  • Have a minimum porch roof or protection of 1200mm
  • Not be exposed to driving rain or direct sunlight for more than 4 hours per day
  • Be pre-finished (coated) in a film-forming product, on ALL 6 faces
  • Have a well-maintained coating 


Your Parkwood solid timber door carries a 5 year warranty if these requirements are met.  Download 'Care Of Your Door Instructions' here, and the full Parkwood warranty here.  

The Parkwood Guarantee is VOID if:

 • An oil or penetrating stain is used as the finish – even if recommended by a manufacturer of such products

 • A timber door has insufficient cover (min 1.2m)

• A timber door is exposed to driving rain or long periods of sunlight (more than 4 hours per day)

• A timber door is finished in a dark colour (Colour requires to have a LRV rating of higher than 40%), as this attracts the heat As the product can easily be damaged, please be responsible to take care and wrap or cover it with some protection to ensure it is in good condition before and after coating, until site work is finished. Enjoy your door for years and years to come.


• Due to seasonal and geographical variations in atmosphere, moisture can cause a certain amount of shrinkage or expansion in a product – this is not a defect

• Natural variations in colour of timber is not considered a defect

• Door must be stored in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight

 • Parkwood will not be held responsible for additional charges of hanging or painting or any other charges arising from the replacement of products

Finishing the Door.
You must use exterior Oil based paints or marine varnishes and carefully follow the coating manufacturer’s recommendations.
Do not use any stain or oil finish on its own, compatible marine vanish or polyurethane coat(s) need to be applied, to the manufacturer's recommendations, to doors which have been stained or oiled. Any oiled or stained door which remains unsealed by application of a sealing coat will not be covered by our warranty.

  1. When painting a 4 coat system should be used (a primer, undercoat and two topcoats).
    When clear finishing a 3 or 4 coat system should be used. The door should be inspected regularly to determine the condition of the varnish and recoated if necessary. Clear finishes require more maintenance than paint finishes. The features of native and exotic timbers are best brought out by a clear satin finish.
    The more sunlight the door is exposed to, the lighter the colour used must be. Dark coloured or dark stained doors exposed to sunlight may reach an internal temperature of 20-25 degrees higher than a white painted door, with consequently a higher likelihood to shrink or crack. Therefore doors painted or stained a dark colour will be void of any warranty.


  1. Coat all sides, including the top and bottom, to the paint/varnish,manufacturers recommendation immediately.
  2. Do not use any stain or oil on its own without finally sealing with varnish or polyurethane. On exterior doors use only oil based paint or marine grade varnish or polyurethane. 
  3. If you choose to ignore these recommendations, the warranty is void.
  4. Interior doors should be coated with enamel or standard polyurethane,finishes including the tops and bottoms.
  5. Dark colour use for doors which see direct sun could cause the timber and joints to crack.
  6. If ‘shelter only’ doors are exposed to driving rain or direct sun, the warranty is void.
  7. Variations in colour and grain are a natural outcome of this product and is not considered a defect, see policy above.
  8. Timber is a natural product which will expand and shrink with exposure to variations of temperature and moisture.
  9. Strict adherence to the above sealing and sitting rules will minimise, but not eliminate, both these issues.
  10. Doors are pieces of fine furniture that will need regular ongoing maintenance.


Specifications & Sizes (Sizes will vary from branch to branch)

  • Standard sizes: 1980 x 810/860 x 41mm
  • Door Material: Paint Quality Pine, Paint Quality Cedar, Stain Quality Cedar.