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Oil tempered hardboard doors and Solid Wood doors often ordered for external use and are for sheltered conditions only. They are referred to as porch doors and must not be exposed to direct weather.


Door Information: The standard door selling on doorshed is constructed with a 30mm rail and 3mm door skin. After pressing and manufacturing the finished door is 36mm in nominal thickness. The standard door height is 1980mm and any other heights will be termed as a special product.

Storage : Doors must be stored on a flat dry surface that is elevated from the ground. Doors must have a cover sheet on top while in storage to prevent direct sunlight from affecting the timber.

Painting : Doorshed recommends that doors are not painted in dark colours as this increases the heat absorption aspect of the door and can amplify the suns affect on the timber. A higher quality finish can be achieved through careful preparation of the door. Prior to application of sealer/primer coat all surfaces to be painted should be lightly sanded with a 320 grit paper.

Installing : Once on site doors should be sealed and or primed as soon as possible on both faces and all four edges. Exposed areas of the door increases the opportunity for moisture to enter the wooden components of the door. Although primed doors have both faces primed it is recommended that all four edges are also primed upon arrival to site.

It is recommended that standard doors are hung with 3 hinges. It is also recommended that solid chipboard and over-height doors are hung with 4 hinges. Flush panel and grooved doors have a label on one edge of the door that refers the builder to the lock block. 4 & 6 Panel doors have a lock block either side.

Glazing : Building standards state that glass in interior doors must be 5mm toughened glass for this area of glass. Glass can easily be inserted after painting and finishing of the door.

Hardware : Doors are not supplied with nor are they drilled for hardware.

Alterations : Any cutting down of the doors that removes more then 3mm (standard doors only) from any surface will render the warranty void. We do not recommend altering the size of the door from the manufactured dimensions.


All doors manufactured by Doorshed Suppliers, are warranted to be of good quality, workmanship and material, free from defects which would render them unserviceable or unfit within 5 years of purchase. Door shed, subject to its terms and conditions of sale, agrees to repair or replace at its option any door found to be defective in the meaning of the warranty.

No liability will be accepted for work such as hanging, painting, reglazing or other consequential loss. Natural variations of colours and textures and minor shrinking and swelling of components are a normal characteristic of wood and composites, which vary with seasonal humidity and are not considered defects. We try to ensure that the timber and other materials have been prepared to make them suitable.

It is impossible to know all the circumstances surrounding every situation in which our products are stored and installed. Seasonal and geographic variations in atmospheric moisture may cause some shrinkage and expansion and therefore Door shed will not consider any of the following defects:

  • (a) A warp shall not be considered as a defect unless it exceeds 5mm in the door. It refers to distortion within the door itself and not to its relationship to the jamb or frame in which it is hung.
  • (b) Natural variations in colour or texture of the wood and other materials are not considered defects.
  • (c) Minor variations in dimensions are not regarded as defects. The manufacturer will not accept responsibility or liability for any damage resulting from failure to adhere to the following conditions:
    • Interior doors should not be subjected to direct sunlight or in environments with excessively high humidity, wet areas or where a fire or smoke rated door is required.
    • Porch doors should be in a sheltered position and not be subjected to the unprotected exposure of direct sunlight and/or rain and other prevailing weather conditions and wet areas.

It is important that all interior and porch doors be painted in light colours to reduce the risk of heat distortion, which may cause warping.

Doors should only be stored or hung in dry buildings and not in damp, moist areas. They should not come in direct contact with freshly plastered or concreted surfaces.

As soon as possible after doors arrive on site, the entire door, including the top and bottom edges must receive two coats of paint or sealer to prevent absorption of moisture.

The utility or structural strength must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering of the door for any special detailing. This includes doors for use in cavity sliders.

Cutting and altering the door size is not recommended. A maximum of 3mm may be trimmed from any door.

All hollow doors must be hinged with at least three hinges. All solid core and overheight doors must be hinged with at least four hinges.

Normal “show-through” of frame components in doors shall not be considered a defect.

Semi-gloss or satin finish paints are recommended for all doors to reduce “show- through”.

In the rare event that you should need to lodge a claim we require that all doors be inspected upon arrival for visible defects and all claims should be lodged within seven days of receipt of doors and before doors are hung or treated in any way.