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Barn 2 - Interior

Made to Order

*Supplied unfinished and without door furniture. Glass options are additional cost.

*Kauri is not available on all timber doors until further notice.Please select other timber options alternatively.

*Interior Paint Quality Barn Door comes with Groove 12mm MDF(Customwood).

Please select options from top to bottom.

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Barn 2 

Barn Door Interior


Door Product:

Supplied unfinished and without door furniture. Glass options are additional cost.


The Barn Door:

Inspired by early agricultural building craftsmen.


Adding a Barn Door can add character and style to any room.

These doors can have aesthetic benefits whilst providing functionality.

Requiring only wall space, the sliding Barn Door can provide more space economy where as a traditional swinging door requires 2-3 meters of clear swing space.

The timber Barn Door can be customised to not only look good but to create the desired sense of style – ranging from a rustic traditional wood look to a more streamlined painted feature door for a contemporary home.


  • Paint Quality - Grooved 12mm MDF
  • Solid timber to add value to your home
  • Constructed of high quality timber that has been kiln-dried and moisture-tested
  • 38-42mm thick for maximum strength and rigity
  • All doors can be made to measure – we cater to customised designs and sizing
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Hardware by others.



The timber has been selected and the door manufactured to the best standard to give you a quality door. To ensure satisfactory service please carefully read these instructions. Failure to comply with these instructions may erode your rights as a consumer.

  1. The entrance doors are designed for use in weather protected situations only and should not be subjected to driving rain or long periods of direct sunlight.
    A porch or substantial overhang should protect the doors.
  2. Handle the door carefully.
    It is like any piece of wooden furniture; careless handling will damage the surface. Handle with clean hands or gloves and do not drag doors across one another or across other surfaces.
  3. Doors should be stored in a dry well ventilated area, not subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature, nor direct sunlight. The timber in the door has been dried to moisture content of 14-18% before manufacture. If conditions are such as to cause the moisture to move outside this range some shrinkage or swelling may take place. The inserted panels are set freely in the door to allow movement as moisture content changes.
  4. Before hanging;
    Check the door carefully for any damage or manufacturing fault. When satisfied the door is in good condition remove handling marks and ease the sharp edges with a thorough final sanding over all the surfaces using minimum of 240 grit sandpaper. If staining the door apply the stain at this stage. Seal all surfaces with the first priming or sealing coat. Do not use a water based (acrylic) primer. Then apply the second coat. It is important at this stage to seal the door completely taking particular care with the top and bottom edges. Doors may discolour or become cracked if subjected to sunlight prior to painting or varnishing, and will discolour if subjected to rain spotting.
  5. Hanging the door.
    Note: Do not hang the door if adjacent plaster or cement is still wet. Check the doorframe opening size and squareness. If the opening is not square, the door may need to be larger than the opening to allow cutting. The door should be about 5mm narrower and 5mm shorter than the opening to allow it to swing freely.
    Use at least three hinges. Locate the top hinge approximately 150mm from the top of the door, the middle hinge in the centre and bottom hinge approximately 200mm from the bottom of the door. Hinges should be of brass, stainless or galvanised steel with screws of the same metal.
  6. Finishing the Door.
    You must use exterior paints or marine varnishes and carefully follow the coating manufacturer’s recommendations.
    Do not use any stain or oil finish on its own, compatible marine vanish or polyurethane coat(s) need to be applied, to the manufacturer's recommendations, to doors which have been stained or oiled. Any oiled or stained door which remains unsealed by application of a sealing coat will not be covered by our warranty.
    The use of 2 pot paint is not recommended on solid timber doors.
    When painting a 4 coat system should be used (a primer, undercoat and two topcoats).
    When clear finishing a 3 or 4 coat system should be used. The door should be inspected regularly to determine the condition of the varnish and recoated if necessary. Clear finishes require more maintenance than paint finishes. The features of native and exotic timbers are best brought out by a clear satin finish.
    The more sunlight the door is exposed to, the lighter the colour used must be. Dark coloured or dark stained doors exposed to sunlight may reach an internal temperature of 20-25 degrees higher than a white painted door, with consequently a higher likelihood to shrink or crack. Therefore doors painted or stained a dark colour will be void of any warranty.



  • 5 year warranty.
  • Doors over 2100mm in height are not suitable to be manufactured in Radiata, therefore will not have a warranty.
  • Interior Paint Quality doors are manufactured from Radiata Pine with MDF grooved.
  • Exterior Paint Quality Barn doors are V Groove Ply.


Specifications & Sizes (Sizes will vary from branch to branch)

  • Bracing can be double side.
  • Standard sizes: 1980 x 760/810/860 x 38mm
  • Door Material: Paint Quality, Paint Quality Cedar, Kauri, Stain Quality Cedar.