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Cavity Slider - Grooved Jamb - 90mm Stud

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*Cavity Pocket only without door !

*Fittings Supplied except Door Furniture.

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Cavity Slider - Grooved Jamb(30mm) - 90mm Stud

Cavity Slider 


All our cavities come with removable head jambs for ease of access to the top of the door for adjustments. Below is a list of the most common available options. If what you are after is not listed, please make an enquiry below.

Our Standard Cavity Sliders can be assembled in either 90mm Stud or 70mm Stud. Our stock standard sizes range to suit door sizes 1980h and 610-910 wide. They can be made with Flat pine or Grooved Pine Jambs to suit 10mm or 13mm Gib Linings.



We can custom make Cavities to suit the customers requirements. Some of the special options are:

  • Options available:
  1. Single (Horiz. section, Vert. Section)
  2. Double
  3. Dual (Horiz. sectionVert. Section
  4. Triple (Horiz. section,  Vert. Section)


Specifications & Sizes (Sizes will vary from branch to branch:

  • Standard Size:
Door Size: Trim Size (Height x Width):
1980 x 610mm 2060mm x 1250mm
1980 x 660mm 2060mm x 1350mm
1980 x 710mm 2060mm x 1450mm
1980 x 760mm 2060mm x 1550mm
1980 x 810mm 2060mm x 1650mm
1980 x 860mm 2060mm x 1750mm
1980 x 910mm 2060mm x 1850mm