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E1 Vulcan - Exterior Doors

Made to Order

*Supplied unfinished and without door furniture. Sizes can be custom-made contact us for more details.

*A timber option that combines stability, resistance, and durability.
With a rich chocolate-brown tone and an even grain, engineered lamination lines finish off each surface nicely. Thermal modification of Vulcan is performed by computer-monitored kilns. With its laminated structure, this patent-protected product is even stronger. 

*Exterior doors should be in a sheltered position and not be subjected to the unprotected exposure of direct sunlight and/or rain and other prevailing weather conditions and wet areas.

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E1 - Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors - Parkwood Door

All timber has natural variations in colour and grain patterns. This is a natural outcome of this product and is not considered a defect.

Door Product:

Supplied unfinished and without door furniture.



As architectural trends change and front doors are more exposed to climatic conditions, there is emphasis on providing doors that are stable and durable.

VULCAN is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber. The thermal modification process enhances the timber stability, resulting in less movement and minimal swelling when wet.

Thermally modified wood products have grown in popularity around the world, since the technology was first commercialised in Europe during the 1990’s.  Thermal modification dramatically increases the durability and stability of wood. This unique timber takes on a deep chocolate brown colouration that’s aesthetically pleasing, affordable and low maintenance. This effectively creates a new sustainable, environmentally friendly timber product.


  1. Sustainable pine plantations are milled.
  2. Timber is dried and processed using carbon neutral heat from wood waste. Thermal modification is achieved simply by using steam and high temperatures in excess of 200ºC.
  3. The real trick to the process however is in the cooling and reconditioning phase. This is achieved by using purpose-built computer-controlled kilns that ensure every stick of timber is modified to the correct specification and quality.
  4. At the end of the process the timber is around 7% moisture content and the chemical and physical properties have been permanently changed. The resulting product has a reduced equilibrium moisture content with excellent stability and approximately 50% less swelling and shrinkage in the entry door.
  5. The timber is engineered with vertical grain using a patented lamination process. It is renown that quarter sawn timber is the best, because it produces straight-grain (as opposed to wavy) and avoids knots, decreasing movement and ensuring drying happens at an even rate through the boards.


  • Thermally modified engineered timber.
  • Retains natural attractive detail.
  • Internationally recognised as being sourced from responsibly managed & sustainable forests.
  • Locally grown.
  • Free from chemical preservatives

As an undervalued product, a lot of people are simply unaware of how much of a premium timber Vulcan is, from its durability, to its distinctive characteristics it is a brilliant alternative to the conventional timbers we all know.

Solid Timber Door Warranty

The Parkwood range of Solid Timber doors are designed for use in weather protect situations.  Timber is a beautiful natural product, and creates a solid, attractive entry door.  However, it will not last if it is exposed to the elements without adequate protection.  In basic terms, this means the door must:

  • Have a minimum porch roof or protection of 1200mm
  • Not be exposed to driving rain or direct sunlight for more than 4 hours per day
  • Be pre-finished (coated) in a film-forming product, on ALL 6 faces
  • Have a well-maintained coating 



Film forming products exclude oils, but includes other products in many desirable colours.  

Your Parkwood solid timber door carries a 5 year warranty if these requirements are met.  Download 'Care Of Your Door Instructions' here, and the full Parkwood warranty here.  

The Parkwood Guarantee is VOID if:

 • An oil or penetrating stain is used as the finish – even if recommended by a manufacturer of such products

 • A timber door has insufficient cover (min 1.2m)

• A timber door is exposed to driving rain or long periods of sunlight (more than 4 hours per day)

• A timber door is finished in a dark colour (Colour requires to have a LRV rating of higher than 40%), as this attracts the heat As the product can easily be damaged, please be responsible to take care and wrap or cover it with some protection to ensure it is in good condition before and after coating, until site work is finished. Enjoy your door for years and years to come.


• Due to seasonal and geographical variations in atmosphere, moisture can cause a certain amount of shrinkage or expansion in a product – this is not a defect

• Natural variations in colour of timber is not considered a defect

• Door must be stored in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight

 • Parkwood will not be held responsible for additional charges of hanging or painting or any other charges arising from the replacement of products

Please contact Parkwood if you have further questions or concerns with Solid Timber Doors.  




  • Glass NOT included.

Specifications & Sizes (Sizes will vary from branch to branch)

  • Standard sizes: 1980 x 810/860 x 41mm All made to order
  • Door Material:  Vulcan