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Rimu - Veneered Doors

Made to Order

*Please note that images are indicative only and veneers can differ from those shown here. Handle doesn't included with the door.

*Unable to specify grains or color on Rimu, all comes random.

*Supplied raw veneer without any tinting or finishing applied and without door furniture. 
*Custom size doors are available.

*Lead time approx 7-8 weeks.

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Rimu - Veneered Doors

It is important you read this Below.

The fact that you are viewing on a screen will impact on how the image appears.Photos and samples of veneer are indicative of the species only. Each tree is unique and there are natural variances within species, something that gives each panel its unique personality.Variations in colour are not considered a defect. 

You can never 100% match an existing door by purchasing a new one.

Interior - Hallmark Doors

Hallmark Group are the only company in New Zealand who slice timber veneer. We’re also the only company in New Zealand who can offer a complete veneer solution, producing both veneer panels and veneer doors, ensuring a true and accurate timber match between your panels and doors.

 Door Product:

All doors clashed 2 vertical edges.

Door Frame and Lockblock Configuration 1980 up to 2400 High Doors 410-910mm Wide Rails Stiles  Ex 35mm Ex 35mm

All hollow doors have double lock blocks, 400mm long for 1980 doors, and 800mm long for overheight doors

Door Weights - kg(approx)   Hollow 10.5   Solid 28.5

    Storage and Handling

    Show through of any components on a 3mm skin door is not considered a defect. Warp exceeding 5mm shall be considered a defect on doors up to 2400x910mm.

    Doors must be stored flat in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight. A flat MDF cover sheet must be placed on the top door at all times should it be exposed.

    Do not leave veneered panels exposed to wet or humid conditions, maintaining a stable moisture content is critical. MDF picks up moisture from its surrounding environment , so store in a cool/dry moisture stable area


    Hallmark veneered panels are supplied lightly sanded with a P150 grit sanding belt prior to despatch however all panel will need to be sanded to the coating supplier’s recommendations prior to the finishing coats being applied.

    When finishing, ensure the door is dry and free from dust and grime. The two faces and all four edges of the door must be sealed and coated within two days of arriving on site. Linseed oil or Linseed oil based products are not to be used on any of Hallmark’s interior doors. Staining is at your own risk. Hallmark Doors do not accept any liability for the finished quality of a stained door. Coating ‘slump’ on the veneer joins is normal and will not be considered a defect. The manufacturer is not liable for the paint finish. Any fibre raise should be sanded flat before coats are applied. Fibre raise is a natural reaction and is not considered a defect.

    Specifications & Sizes (Sizes will vary from branch to branch)

    • Standard Heights: 1980 mm / 1981-2400mm
    • Standard Widths: 410 / 460 / 510 / 560 / 610 / 660 / 710 / 760 / 810 / 860 / 910mm  or any sizes between those.