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Fibreglass FVAR24

Made to Order

*Great for weather exposed, best insulation of the 3.

*Supplied unfinished and without door furniture. Lead time 2-3 weeks.

*Double Glazed toughened clear or etchlite only. All beading on fibreglass door is external beading.

*All beads are woodgrain finish (even on smooth skin doors).

*Minimum width is 810mm.  Sizes can be custom made, contact us to get a quote. Max 2400 x 1060 mm.

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Fibreglass FVAR24
Entrance - PARKWOOD Doors

Door Product:
Supplied unfinished and without door furniture. 

Introducing the new range of fibreglass doors. More durable than traditional timber doors, these paint quality exterior doors are designed to withstand extremes weather conditions in New Zealand.They can have the appearance of wood, but don't warp or rot like wood,or dent or rust like steel.Inside of a fibreglass door is filled with foam-filled core, resistant material helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. The fibreglass door has laminated timber stiles and rails inside the PVC provides more stability against warping and provide blocking for hardware fixing points such as locks,hinges and handles.


  • Fibreglass skin face
  • Suitable for painting
  • More durable than traditional timber doors

Specifications & Sizes (Sizes will vary from branch to branch)

  • Standard sizes: 1980 x 810/860 x 40mm
  • Skin Options: Fibreglass Woodgrain/Smooth
  • Door Mass (For standard Sizes): Approx 40 - 45kgs


Finishing of Parkwood Duramax Fibreglass Doors

Please take care and wrap or cover your door with some protection to ensure it is in good condition before and after coating, until site work is finished.

Enjoy your door for years and years to come.

On Duramax fibreglass doors:

  1. Both sides of the door must be coated in similar shades of colour because a dark colour one side and a light colour the other can cause the door to bow if under extended direct sunlight.
  2. Colours with LRV of more than 10% must be used (see your paint manufacturer for the LRV rating).
  3. Black is not recommended. Gloss and high colours can sometimes show a ‘wave’ in the door surface. Parkwood recommends Matt or Satin colours.

Preparation: Thoroughly wash all surfaces with liquid sugar soap. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Important: Scuff sand with 250-400 grit sandpaper or scotch bright pad.

Dust down surface, until it is dust free (acetone can be used but must be dry before painting). 5. Do not use hydro-carbon based solvents toclean the surface as such products may leave a residue.

Lay door horizontally for painting

Paint Finish


Apply a primer and two coats of top coat solvent based or acrylic paint of choice sanding lightly between coats.

Stain Finish


Using a brush or rag, apply two coats of Colourwood Pigmented stain or Wattyl Woodgel to all surfaces of the door. 

Leave for recommended time and wipe off excess.

Apply three coats of Wattyl Estapol Exterior Clear (or suitable alternative) sanding lightly between coats.


  1. When using stains, mineral spirits, paints, or other hazardous materials, always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Parkwood makes no representations as to the proper use of other manufacturers' products.
  2. When working with paints or solvents, make sure the working area is well ventilated.
  3. Keep away from heat and flame as materials may be combustible.
  4. Paints or solvents may cause skin and eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  5. Keep out of reach of children.

Normal Maintenance

Even a well-finished fiberglass door will be affected by exposure and weathering from sun, moisture, and air pollutants. It is considered normal maintenance to re-apply the topcoat approximately every two years.